Yun Nam Hair Care Malaysia – Hair Care Tips for Teens

When it comes to hair care for teens, some of the tips they need to follow is going to be different than those an adult is going to follow. This is because a teen is more likely to produce more oil through the glands and pours in their head that can change the kind of products required to keep the hair healthy and shinning beautifully. Of course, due to the amount of oil found in the hair it makes it possible to over compensate for the problem as well. Due to this, there are some very specific tips (provide by Yun Nam Hair Care) teens need to follow to maintain beautiful hair.


For starters, it is still important to not shampoo every single day. While showering every day, especially as a teen, is important, washing the hair every day is not the answer as it is going to remove all of the natural oils from the head and dry it out. Of course, for teens who are active in athletics, taking multiple showers a day becomes the norm. Due to the amount of showers taken, it is necessary to look for a moisturizing and hydrating shampoo. This at least helps protect the hair from losing all its moisture during the multiple showers a day.



Try to avoid electric hair straightener or hair dryer         because it damage our hair directly.


It is important to avoid over using an electric hair straightener or curling irons. These are going to significantly dry out and damage the hair, making it brittle. If the teen swims on the swim team, this is enough, combined with the chemicals in the pool, to completely kill the hair. Due to this, simply avoiding the use of these tools as often as possible is important. On top of this, it is better to avoid a hair dryer as well, at least on the hot end. It is possible to use the hair dryer with cold air to help dry the hair, but anything on the hot end is going to damage the hair.



Adding a bit of talcum powder to the roots of the hair. ( Oily hair person)


When the hair is super oily, it is possible to correct the problem by adding a bit of talcum powder to the roots of the hair. This is going to absorb the oil at the roots and help ensure the hair is not going to cause greasy skin. Also, with oily hair, it is important to avoid anything that adds shine. This is just going to add more oil to the hair, which in turn can cause further problems.