Yun Nam Hair Care – Look Great Without Breaking the Bank

Every year, millions of dollars are spent on makeups, facial scrubs and plastic surgeries. In a society where looks weigh so heavily, it is no surprise that most people do all they can to look as good as possible. While there is nothing wrong with putting your best foot forward, you don’t have to break the bank, and there are a few all-natural tips that can improve your appearance naturally and on a budget. (tips by Yun Nam Hair Care)





Apply honey on your face after removing any make up for shiny and beauty skin.



Honey can be purchased at the grocery store for just a few dollars, and its components can do wonders for your face. Once or twice per week, rub a tablespoon of honey into your hands to warm it up, and then apply to your face after removing any makeup. After about ten minutes, rinse it with warm water and bask in the afterglow.


Tips for Your Hair

We all want luster and shine for our hair, and there are a number of shampoos and conditioners on the market. However, these products contain chemicals that result in unwanted, unattractive buildup. While you don’t have to give up these products, there is a simple way to remove this buildup in vinegar. By mixing a half cup of vinegar with a cup of water and applying to your hair, you can enjoy a new level of shine.




For an all-natural conditioner that will make your hair soft and manageable, you can use coconut oil. Simply massage the oil on your scalp and then comb it through your hair. Leave the oil in for a few hours before washing out. Be careful not to use too much, however, as it can be difficult to wash out if you apply too much.


lemon and honey

Add few drops honey into lemon and rub it on the problem area for amazing result.


Eliminate Those Pesky Blackheads

Blackheads can be difficult to manage, and you can become frustrated as they continue to appear after using commercial facial cleansers. There is a successful alternative. Cut out a lemon wedge and apply a few drops of honey to it. Then, rub it on your problem areas, making sure to let it sit for around five minutes. This effective blackhead removal method is best done before bed as lemon juice can increase dangers to your skin in the sun.


Take Care of Yourself

The simplest way to ensure you look good is to pay attention to proper nutrition, sleep, and exercise. By following these tips, you can look and feel your very best.