Wooden Flooring Passion and Style

Do you know the latest trend of wooden flooring? Ranging from the timber flooring, parquet flooring as well as all the others hardwood flooring, which are make by variety types of wooden that come from Asia, such as the Burmese Walnut, Indonesia Teak, Rosewood and Keranji. Whereas for the North America and Europe wooden include White Oak, Hard Maple, Cherry and Beech. Well the others such as South American Wooden Teak and Tasmanian Oak are also popular for the home and office interior design.

The contemporary wooden flooring had made several changes and new style for its appearance. For instance, multi-colored painted on the wooden and also add on some patterns like flowers, puzzle, marble lines and etc. The pictures shown as below displayed types of modern and attractive wooden flooring textures.

Creative Puzzle Wooden Flooring

Contemporary Solid Wooden Flooring

Modern Nordic Pine Wood

Nolte Oak Elegance 

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