Why Malaysia is a Favourite Destination Among Holidaymakers Worldwide


Malaysia is a thriving, diversified city where Chinese, Malays, Indians and numerous other ethnic groups live together in a harmonious fashion. Multiculturalism has made Malaysia a globetrotter’s paradise. In addition to beautiful scenery and impressive architecture, the city hosts many colourful festivals. Residents of Malaysia love to celebrate and socialise and from a visitor’s perspective, they are very warm and friendly. Such characteristics have kept Malaysia a top Asian holiday destination for many years.








Malaysia is almost as diverse geographically as it is culturally. Two federal territories–Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur–along with eleven states make up Malaysia’s Peninsula, which separates it from Eastern Malaysia. The latter has two states of its own–Sarawak and Sabah–which are located on the island of Borneo. There is also a third Malaysian federal territory in Borneo, which is the island of Labuan.








Scenery and Architecture

Malaysia’s extreme contrasts attract tourists from around the world. For example, one can walk through the city and observe towering skyscrapers and five-star hotels, but a short stroll of less than a few metres leads to ancient reefs and old wooden houses built on stilts. Rugged mountain terrains, rain forests, lush, humid mangroves and warm, sandy beaches complete the landscape. All of the aforementioned scenery can be viewed during one quick drive around the city.



Convenient transportation for traveller around Malaysia.




Easy transportation is another feature of Malaysia that makes it a top tourist destination among Asians and visitors from other areas. It is easy to travel to Malaysia and to get around upon arrival, as a variety of transportation venues are available to holidaymakers. Visitors can choose from buses, cars, trains, ferries and airplanes when traveling to the region, and most of these venues are also available for getting around the city after one has reached his or her specific destination.
Even remote areas can be reached by public buses or hired cars. Many people enjoy traveling by road along the Malaysian Peninsula, as it offers a well-developed network of small highways.

If one plans to stay in one Sarawak or Sabah, a four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended. Traveling by rail is also a popular favourite among visitors, as it provides outstanding views of the countryside, but remote areas of Sabah and Sarawak can only be reached by riverboat or plane. To expedite one’s trip, a Plusliner online bus ticket purchase can be made ahead of time. This is a particularly good choice for travelers who have mapped out their itinerary in advance.



Malaysia features a tropical climate, as it is close to the equator. For this reason, visitors are essentially guaranteed warm weather. Temperatures generally range from 32°C-26°C, but similar to most Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia’s monsoon season occurs between November and February each year. Few destinations are as diverse and interesting as Malaysia. For this reason, a holiday full of surprises awaits those who choose Malaysia for their next getaway.


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