What is Laminated Glass and Its Benefits in a Home

Windows are an integral part of every home, letting light in and giving the homeowner a view outdoors, while protecting the interior from the elements beyond. Glass, however, is easily broken, and a window breach can be a major issue, letting water and debris into the house and causing a health hazard from sharp broken glass.

Luckily, laminated glass is the solution to this problem. It is a type of safety glass made of of several layers, with a middle layer made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). This middle layer holds the glass together even when it has been struck very hard to the point of shattering, and prevents sharp pieces from coming loose and causing injury. When struck, this type of glass cracks in a ‘spider web’ pattern. it is used in situations where a person might impact the glass (such as in car windshields) and where there is danger of glass falling (such as in skylight roofing). It is also used in situations where glass must withstand extreme conditions, such as storefront windows in hurricane zones, airplane cockpit windows, and bulletproof glass.

This type of strong, break-resistant glass is a great addition to any home for safety reasons. It is particularly essential to use in skylight roofing. Skylights are in greater danger of being broken by debris than side windows, because of their orientation in space. Because they are located overhead, there is an increased danger of injury to homeowners if the glass were to become shattered. For these reasons, there is a great benefit to using laminated glass in skylight roofing, as it protects against the danger of laceration or concussion that would result from having glass fall from overhead.

In addition to the threat of injury, a broken window is also an issue due to the damage done by water entering the home. If a skylight is broken while the homeowner is away, or if it occurs in a room that is not often used, a great deal of damage from the elements could happen. By using a glass that holds together even when shattered, the interior of the home is protected from the elements at all times.

Sturdy laminated glass can be used to installed as a stylish staircase.

Although laminated glass is not typically used in regular windows, its application there would provide the home with extra protection from the elements in case of window damage, and would protect against injury from flying glass or sharp shards. Whether used in skylights or in side windows, this safety glass is highly beneficial to the well being of both the home and its residents. Read this latest trendy roofing news of awning design is not the only buzz.

Safety Glass: Uses and Applications of Laminated Glass