What are Polycarbonate Materials and How is it Used in Homes and Buildings

Polycarbonate roofing sheets have several uses both in house and buildings. Although it is not the first choice for all those who are interested in home roofing, there are various other applications where they can be used. Let’s have a close look at some of their uses, and why these sheets are so durable and desirable.

Aside from being extremely durable, polycarbonate is a lightweight plastic. It is almost unbreakable, and in some cases it can even be made to resist bullets. It can resist any type of weather from frigid to topical, and weighs almost one third of the weight of acrylic. Even music CD’s are made using this material, and if you have tried snapping a CD in half, you know how strong this material really is. Today large number of skylights are made using this material.

The sturdy Polycarbonate is an ideal material to assemble a transparent roofing for swimming pool.

The strength and nature of this material is the reason why its sheets are so tough. They can easily withstand elements, and are lightweight. This makes their installation much easier than other products on the market. Aside from less weight on your roof, they are also best for carport, or gardener’s shed. These sheets can even be used for covering patio, allowing natural light to flow in.

The panels made using this material are corrugated, and are mostly sold in sizes that are twelve inches long and twenty four inches wide. These sheets are available in finish that provides hundred percent UV protection, which makes them best for poolside enclosures or deck roofs.

Aside from being corrugated, you can get these sheets in ribbed pattern. Mostly sizes are same, and these ribs run the long way. Panels for roofs are available in wide range of colors, both opaque and translucent. Opaque panels can be white, beige, or blue. Translucent colors are smoke, green, dark gray, and clear. Retailer will be in a much better position to supply you these panels in desired colors.

The sheets can be used in numerous ways around the house, and not just on roofs. You can also use them as windbreak on your porch end, or you can use them to enclose your greenhouse. You can also use polycarbonate sheets for wall panels that allow light in from all sides, and keep your animals out of weather.

Most of the green houses are built by using this polycarbonate sheets as windbreak and keep the plants out of bad weather.

You an also use them intermittently with various other products such as pole barn roofs. You may want to include several clear panels when laying roofs to ensure sufficient availability of light. These panels can help you in saving significant amount on your electricity bills. As they weight so less, transporting them from your building store to home is easy as compared to heavy bundles of shingles or sheets.

In most of the roofing projects, these sheets are used mostly on deck coverings, and carports. As each panel weights about 10 pounds, it is easy to see how these sheets can be used in various projects in so many ways.

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This video showing the polycarbonate roofing during under the summer rainstorm, watch it and you will learn more how it works for outdoor activities as well as harsh weather.