Traveling Internationally: What to Know Before You Go

Whether this is your first time traveling abroad or you are a seasoned traveller, going to a new country is both exciting and a bit frightening when you don’t know what to expect. Some countries are safer than others. Here are some tips to be prepared for your next exciting adventure abroad:


  • Print out a few copies of your passport to bring with and leave one with someone who you trust back home. In the event that your passport gets lost of stolen, you don’t want to be stuck in another country. You can also scan your passport and save it to your e-mail.
  • Talk to your doctor and insurance carrier to make sure you have coverage in case there is an emergency when you are gone. If not, you may want to consider travel insurance. Also be sure you have any medications you need for the duration of the trip or vaccines that may be recommended depending on the country you are visiting.
  • Register with your embassy so that if something happens, the government will be able to contact you and get you to safety.
  • Travel QuoteFind out the monetary conversion rate before you go. There is nothing worse than finding out your money is worth very little in another country when you are already there.
  • Find out if the country charges entry or exit fees. These fees are not included in airline tickets and are usually charges at the airport, ranging from $25-$200.
  • Avoid conversion centers, they tend to charge fees that can be easily avoided by converting your currency at a bank or ATM.
  • Before you leave, make sure your credit or debit cards will work in the country you are visiting. Always carry local cash on you when you are in another country. Some places won’t accept cards.
  • Make sure you let your bank know you are leaving the country. Sometimes banks will put a hold on accounts for fraud protection if you try to use them in another country withòut notifying them.
  • Buy tickets to places you want to visit ahead of time on the internet to get a better deal.
  • Different countries have different plugs and voltage, so bring a charger adapter if you want to be able to charge your phone, camera, and other electronics.
  • Make sure you bring extra clothes and essentials in your carry-on bag. Unfortunately, luggage does get lost and you don’t want to be without necessary items like clothing.
  • Bring something to snack on. You never know when you will get hungry and not have anywhere to eat around.

Last but not least, enjoy your self and your trip. This is a vacation and doing the preparation early means there is no reason to worry while you are there. Happy traveling!