Travel Tip: How to Plan Your Clothes For The Weather

When you ask most people what they’d like to do on vacation, with their retirement, or simply in their every day life, the answer always comes back that they want to travel. Traveling is one of the best ways to get an education about the world, cultures, and yourself. As much as traveling can be fun, traveling needs to be planned for. Unless you really don’t care what happens to you or where you end up, you need to plan out some simple things to make sure you are the most comfortable and safe. The number one factor every traveler needs to put some thinking into before any trip is clothing.

No matter where you go, the weather is a continuous factor and if you are not dressed for it you will suffer the consequences. If you are not dressed for the weather, your trip can be severely compromised. When you are deciding what clothes to bring, don’t just look at the average weather of the area you’re going to. Average is just that, an average of what the weather is like during that time period. Look at forecasts and newspapers of that area during the time you’re traveling. It’s well worth the hassle to take some time researching it. The simple rule of thumb is to dress in layers. You can always strip off the layers and put them in a backpack or a car. However, adding clothes when you don’t have any is another thing altogether and could put you in the hospital or spending money on clothes you didn’t budget for. Start with a tank top and a very light t-shirt. These two shirts are great in any kind of warmer weather and add insulation in the cold. Now, add a long sleeve shirt, then a sweater, and finally a water proof jacket. This layering will protect you in the very cold and can be stripped down for the very warm.

This type of layering of clothes is especially important in mountainous and dessert areas. Both of these areas get very cold very quickly, but on the other hand, it can also get hot very quickly. This kind of layering will also protect you from getting soaked during rain storms which is a very common factor in most areas and regions. The more you plan your clothing for the weather, the more comfortable your trip will be.

Source: China Sonangol Group