Tips to Maintain Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is a product that is often made from hardwood with a laminated finish. You can install this flooring is any room in your home. However, you need to take steps to properly maintain your flooring to ensure that it will last long into the future.

The first step to maintain Parquet flooring in your home is to keep them free of dust. This is a task that you can do using a standard dust mop or even a broom. Another option is to vacuum the surface of the floor to remove any dirt. Make sure that you set the vacuum to set the brush level to high. The brushes that are on a vacuum will spin and can damage the floor. A brush attachment is also an option.

Flooring that has been cleaned of dirt and dust will then need to be mopped. You can use plain water to mop the floor or mix a cleaning solution that is designed for wood floors. The mop should damp to not saturate the flooring with water. If you use too much water, then the flooring can get damaged.

High traffic areas in rooms with Parquet flooring are a great place for area rugs. Rugs will cover up the flooring an prevent dirt from accumulating. You will need to frequently vacuum all of your area rugs to keep them clean and free of dirt.

Do not wear hard soled shoes or pointy heals on the floors to prevent making dents. You should also be vigilant about preventing furniture from moving on the floor. Place pads of wood protectors under each of the feet for your pieces of furniture. This will keep them from sliding on the wooden floor.

Periodically use a cleaner and polisher product on the floor to maintain a glossy appearance. Clean and polish your floors at least once a month. If you have pets, then make sure their nails are clipped to keep then from making scratches on your timber flooring.

You can find all types of solid timber flooring at a home improvement store or from any flooring supplier in your area.

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