Tips of Sprucing up Old Living Room Furniture

The living room is one of the most important aspects of a home because it is one of the first spaces that guests encounter. A periodic sprucing up of the living room is necessary to keep things fresh and interesting. There are a number of quick and simple ways that living room furniture can be spruced up in any home. The following tools can be used to spruce up any home:


Painting living room furniture is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to spruce it up. Of course the furniture should be wrought iron or some other finish that can be painted. Choose a color that compliments your furniture and your design style. Soft warm colors are excellent for creating a warm and inviting space. Paint can also be used to create interesting designs such as horizontal or vertical stripes. Creating a stenciled design as an accent can also add a great deal of interest to living room furniture.

Reupholster Couches and Chairs

One of the most popular ways to spruce up old furniture is by reupholstering your existing furniture. This can be done professionally by a traditional or online furniture store or as a do-it-yourself project. In either case, the homeowner picks out the material to revamp the furniture. The furniture is then covered in the fabric. Reupholstering furniture adds a dramatic change to a room and can make furniture look completely new. The revamped furniture can be finished with decorative nails to add a unique accent.

Restaining Wood Furniture

To spruce up wood furniture, sanding and restaining your wood pieces can be beneficial. You can restain your wood pieces in a different color or a new color. In either instance, restaining is an inexpensive way of giving wooden furniture new life.

Repurposing wood furniture

Creating a new piece of furniture from unwanted pieces is an innovative way of sprucing up your living room. For instance, old wooden furniture can be reused to make a table or a shelf. These pieces can then be placed in the living room to give it a new feel.

Purchase New Accessories

Add new colors to your living room with a new rug or new pillows. Also the addition of a new piece of artwork or mirrors can do wonders for a living room. Accent tables and chairs are also brilliant ways of adding interest to a room.

Indeed sprucing up a living room is often a necessary endeavor for many homeowners. However, this task can be simple and fun. Homeowners can consult interior decorating magazines for inspiration and color schemes. Interior decorators can also be helpful in assisting with a living room revamp. Get everyone in the home involved with the changes so that the changes will not be a surprise. Most of the aforementioned ideas can be completed over a weekend and can be done inexpensively.

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