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The Right Skin Care for Hot and Humid Weather

Summer skincare is markedly different from winter skincare, no matter where you live. The heat and humidity will quickly turn your face into a greasy, sweaty mess if you’re not using the correct products. This guide offers a few tips on finding the right skin care products in Singapore for hot and humid weather.



Sunscreen is the most essential part of skincare, especially during the hot months. When it’s humid, look for a sunscreen that’s sweatproof or waterproof. Aim for a minimum of SPF 30, and be sure to use a full tablespoon on your face. Without proper sun protection, any further facial treatment will be wasted.

Be sure to use your sunscreen as the very last step of your morning routine to allow the rest of your products to sink into your skin.



Product Layering

When it’s hot, many people want a single all-in-one product to keep their face from feeling greasy or heavy. Using multiple light products instead will allow your skin to breathe, while still providing effective skincare.

The best products for humid months are watery essences, hydrating facial oils and light gel lotions. They are specially formulated to sink in quickly and leave no residue behind, so there will be nothing to sweat off once you step outside.



Finishing Powders

Finishing powders are colorless, mattifying, loose powders that can be used to keep sweat and sebum at bay. They are marketed primarily to women, but because of their matte and colorless nature, they are suitable for men to use as well. A light dusting of finishing powder over your makeup and sunscreen will help keep your makeup in place and minimize shine.



Sheet Masks and Facials

Never underestimate the power of a facial in Singapore to help combat the harsh, humid weather. Facials and sheet masks can even be done at home to save money.

Sheet masks are especially popular in hot weather due to their refreshing feel and powerfully hydrating essence. For an even sweeter treat, stick a few sheet masks in the fridge before use. The extra cooling sensation will be relaxing for you and soothing to your overheated skin.



Facial Mists and Blotting Papers

Hot and humid weather can leave your face irritated and sticky. Instead of wiping harsh tissues on your face or slathering on a heavy lotion, simply keep a small facial mist bottle and a pack of blotting papers handy.

Facial mists are ultra-fine sprays that will leave your skin cool, refreshed and hydrated. They are perfect to keep in a purse or laptop bag and spritz over makeup or sunscreen without making your skin too wet.

Blotting papers are gentle alternatives to handkerchiefs or napkins. They help remove any excess sweat or sebum and leave your face looking fresh and matte no matter how humid it is.


Dealing with heat and humidity can be tiresome and leave your skin a sticky, irritated mess. Following these tips will help ensure you have the right skincare to get through hot and humid weather.