The Best Online Bookstores To Buy Book Gifts

Just because you’re living in the information age doesn’t mean you should disregard any gifts that aren’t digital. Books are making a comeback as conversation pieces and heirlooms. With so many brick and mortar storefronts closed down, though, it has become harder to find the perfect book for the friend or family member you’re shopping for. Luckily, a legion of online bookstores makes it easier than ever, with a few standing out as the best online bookstores for buying gifts.

The first place you should consider for an online bookstore is Amazon. With one of the world’s largest selections of books, in both e-book and physical format, you’re sure to find a piece that will appeal to even your pickiest family members. Amazon also has gift-wrapping options, meaning you can mail the books to your loved ones without having to have them sent to your house first. Besides books, Amazon sells many different types of products, meaning that if you’re looking to buy a backpack full of books for a younger reader, you’re in luck.

Possibly the best place to buy books online, however, is NOQ bookstore, located at You’ll appreciate their diverse selection of categories, from comics and graphic novels to professional and technical pieces. The website has over a million titles to choose from, and specializes in serving clients throughout all the regions of Asia. One of the best parts of this site is the shipping: a 5 dollar flat rate is one of the best shipping prices you’ll find anywhere, which is extra generous considering that many books are also 50% off. All around, especially for if you have friends or family interested in Asian literature, this website is a perfect online bookstore for buying books as gifts.

The final entry on this list is likely one you’ve seen even if you’ve never visited an online bookstore: Barnes and Nobles. While the store has reduced its physical shop footprint over the last decade, it’s online presence is more formidable by the day. One of the biggest advantages Barnes and Nobles have other their rivals is a tablet called the Nook. Designed as an E-reader, the Nook has since gained Android support. With apps that can only be found on the Barnes and Nobles store, if you have a technophile friend, this is a great way to buy e-books. As an added bonus, in addition to having books shipped directly to your house, you can reserve them for pick up at the store through the website.

In sum, if you’re looking for the perfect bookstore to buy books as gifts, the above options will all serve you well. When looking for an online bookstore, think about selection, shipping, and gift options. Additionally, some places, like NOQ bookstore, specialize in serving clients in Eastern regions, while other sites, like Amazon, work more with customers in the North American region. With those considerations in mind, you’re ready to buy the perfect gift- at the perfect price.