Steps To Take When You Decide To Start Cycling as a Hobby


Steps To Take When You Decide To Start Cycling as a Hobby

Cycling can be a fun hobby or an intense sport. You do have to cycle in the right way in order to stay safe and healthy. Most aspects of cycling are actually very easy to understand and practice once you know what is happening. You need to take a few steps when you first start cycling.


Choose the Right Type of Bike

The first step is to choose the right type of bike for your body and your needs. You will usually want a rugged bike with thick tires when first starting because it can be used in all conditions from city streets to off-road trails. Try not to choose a sleek racing bike with narrow tires at first because they are highly specialised and can encounter problems if you do not have experience. Additionally, choose a frame size that fits your body comfortably.


Adjust the Seat and Handlebars Properly

Get on the bike and adjust the seat and handlebars so that they are comfortable. Place one foot on a pedal that is all the way down and extend your leg fully. The seat should be high enough so that you are sitting comfortably in this position without having to stretch or bend your leg. Adjust the handlebars next. The handlebars should generally be around the same height as the seat or just a little higher.


Know an Obey the Law

A number of laws are in place regarding cycling. You need to understand all these laws before you begin. You need to know exactly where you can ride your bike. Learn what you are expected to do when cycling on a road with other vehicles. You want to check if there are local ordinances that might affect how you cycle in certain parts of your area.


Wear Light and Tight Clothing


Cycling Jersey

You do not want to wear normal clothing while you are cycling. You want to wear cycling jerseys and pants that fit tightly and that are light. The lightweight material in cycling clothes will keep you cool and wick away sweat so you remain comfortable. The clothes should also be tight-fitting. This prevents your clothes from becoming caught on various parts of the bike. Tight cycling clothes will reduce wind resistance as well.

Learn To Use Your Gears

The next step is to start learning how to use the gears on your bike. Your gears are very important for your safety and your body. Do not keep the bike in the lowest gear possible. You want to use higher gears when going up hills or cruising for long distances on level roads. It can take some time to figure out the best gears for each situation. Using the gears will reduce strain on your body and increase the distance you can cycle.


Plan Your Routes In Advance

You want to plan your routes in advance when you start cycling. Find routes that are relatively level and that go through calm areas. Try to avoid cycling through busy areas in the middle of a city or on congested roadways. This will give you the space to learn about your bike and cycling style. You also want to plan your routes to avoid getting into areas that are too challenging or confusing.


Always Carry a Repair Kit

Always carry a repair kit while you are cycling. The kit should include the tools you need to deal with loose bolts and the tires on your bike. Keep tire repair supplies in the kit and a small air pump. This repair kit will be invaluable if something happens in the middle of a long ride.

Learning how to use your bike in the right way is very important. You could easily be injured or involved in an accident if you are not prepared. Taking a few simple steps when you first start cycling can protect you and make riding the bike much more enjoyable.