Shakura Malaysia – A Good Skincare Regime Is Your Foundation For Beautiful Skin

Every woman wants beautiful skin. The most important aspect of beauty is skincare. No amount of make-up can replace healthy skin. If you want your skin to look radiant, you need to follow a good skincare regimen everyday.
Your skin is exposed to all types of pollutants during the day. That is why you must cleanse it properly every night before you go to bed. Use a mild cleanser that is formulated for your skin type. Apply it to your fingertips and gently massage the cleanser onto your skin in a circular motion. Work on your cheeks, your forehead, the nose area, and your chin.

If your skin is not too sensitive, you can use a soft face cloth. Otherwise, you should just use your hands. Massage for a couple of minutes to remove all of your makeup. After that, rinse your face with warm water. Never rinse with hot water because that will dry out your skin. Pat your skin dry wit a towel.

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After cleansing, your skin may be more alkali. Bring your skin back to pH balance by applying a toner formulated for your skin type. Avoid any toner that is alcohol-based because that will dry out your skin. Go for ones that are water-based that are enhanced with antioxidants. The toner will give your skin a refreshing feel.

You also need to exfoliate. Over time, your skin is exposed to the sun, and the dead skin cells from the sun damage can accumulate on your skin, making your complexion thick, dull, and uneven. If you have acne, this will add to the problem. When you exfoliate, you remove the damaged cells and allow fresh new skin cells to come through, restoring the glow that your face once had. Get an exfoliating treatment suitable for your skin type and exfoliate after you have toned your skin.


After you exfoliate, apply any type of special treatment that your skin needs (visit Shakura Malaysia). That includes any skin lighteners, wrinkle treatment, or acne treatment. Be mindful not to apply everything all at once. Your skin needs to breathe so you should not overload it with too many treatments.

In the morning, cleanse and tone your skin in the same way. When you moisturize, be sure that your moisturizer contains a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Over-exposure to the sun is the primary cause of many skin problems.

Lastly, remember to eat a balanced diet to nourish your skin from within. If you follow this basic skincare regimen, your skin will have a radiance that will make you look beautiful.