SEO and AdWords: To Outsource or Not to Outsource?

Companies that don’t optimize their websites quickly find themselves becoming virtual graveyards. Traffic dwindles to a fraction of what it used to be, and online sales dry up. In this economy, many businesses stayed afloat because they had a strong online presence, but the thousands of companies that kept to the old brick and mortar retail model typically did far worse. Even if they did not declare bankruptcy outright, many had to lay off a higher percentage of workers while cutting hours and benefits.


Trying to Insource

It has been 13 years since the dot-com bubble, but for the most part, small and medium business owners continue to view the Internet as a secondary retail channel rather than the primary one. Local businesses are no longer local — all businesses are in direct competition with their entire industry. Small mom and pop hardware stores can’t compete with large warehouse retailers in terms of inventory, selection, or wholesale pricing, but by investing in search engine optimization services, they can narrow the playing field.

However, many business owners invest the bare minimum in their websites. Whether they hire a website design professional or build one themselves, they tend to update their inventory, blog, and other pages rarely, which is why many small business websites look abandoned. SEO is rudimentary if best and likely written to old standards.

More often than not, insourced SEO leads to an even worse online presence than if they had done nothing at all. Plagiarized or poorly written content can flag a website as spam. Keywords still play a role, but they can change on a daily basis, and a business using outdated keywords is like a newspaper that delivers last week’s news.


SEO the Right Way

Instead of making a halfhearted attempt at SEO, businesses should outsource search engine optimization services to companies like Like any other craft, SEO requires years of experience to perfect, and a dedicated search engine optimization team can keep a website updated on a monthly or weekly basis while monitoring site traffic.

How well is this keyword performing? Why aren’t visitors staying on the site for more than two minutes on average? These are questions that SEO professionals answer every single day. They spend less time on the basics, so they have more time to focus on advanced SEO techniques like link building and blogging.



SEO outsourcing firms can also organize paid advertising campaigns including SearchGuru PPC services to help generate additional traffic. Because there are more than 600 million unique websites, businesses are likely to simply throw money away if they sign up for a PPC campaign without performing any research first. Different advertising firms specialize in different types of ads, and SEO professionals will design a PPC campaign to maximize the number of ads that appear on relevant websites and search engines.

Many business owners believe that professional SEO services aren’t affordable, but they tend to cost far less than hiring an additional employee to take care of the website full-time. Because most SEO professionals handle dozens of clients simultaneously, they can charge less for their services, and it’s not unheard of for a website to generate 500 percent more traffic after one month of SEO. Even search engine optimization that is a fraction as effective will more than pay for itself within the first few months and continue to drive sales in the following years.

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