SAT Registration Process for International Students, Explained

With all the information available online, it is surprising that there isn’t more on SAT tests in India. It is sometimes very difficult for students outside the US to take the SAT, which puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to applying to colleges in the United States. Students from countries outside of America can face a number of difficulties because of the additional requirements and policies that exist in some countries. Students that are affected in this way are advised to educate themselves on their own country’s policies before making plans to take the SAT. There are representatives for every country available online through the College Board in overseas advising centers.


International Registration Process

International registration may require a paper registration, which can be obtained from the SAT representative. Students must fill out the paper registration form, enclosed in the international return envelope that comes with the paper registration form. The form must be completed and submitted with full payment enclosed by the early registration cut off date.


Payment of Fees

There is a fee of $52.50 to take the SAT, a basic subject test fee of $26 per registration, a language with listening test for an additional $26, and all other SAT subject tests are $16 each. Then you add the Non-US regional fees which vary by the student’s country of origin. In addition to the test fees mentioned above, there is a $15 fee to register by phone, a $28 late fee, a $46 wait list fee (which is not applicable in certain countries) and a change fee of $28.


Receiving Your Score

Scores by Web and My SAT Online score report are free of charge. Scores by phone cost $15 per call. There is a fee for sending your scores which are refundable if you miss the test. Four score report requested at registration are free of charge but each additional score request is $11.25 each. Rush orders are $31 per order and retrieval of archived or older scores are $31 per order.


Score Verification Services

These fees are refundable if you miss the test. There is a $55 fee for the SAT Question and Answer service, and a $13.50 fee for SAT Student Answer service. Hand scoring and score verification has two fees; $55 for the multiple choice score verification and $55 for the essay score verification.


Online Registration

Students can find an overseas test center by doing an online search, or they may visit an Education USA center for advising in their location (city or region) to gather more information about the college admission and testing process. Many advising centers offer computers for students to use to register online as well as registration materials.