Protect Your Garden With These Reusable Materials

Successful vegetable gardens need a place in the sun, one of the most important factors in producing abundant crops. Working in a garden is beneficial for health, providing access to the sun and fresh air. The moderate exercise that gardeners receive from turning the soil and frequent bending is enjoyable. However, walking to the storage shed to put away tools is sometimes too much for a tired worker, and using a corflute sheet on each side of a simple shed can save steps.


Building a Temporary Shed

Sheets of the polypropylene material are lightweight, easy to cut and 80 times more resistant to impact than glass. Strong and durable, they are reusable so that a gardener can remove them when the growing season ends. An important aspect of gardening is the reuse of materials to save money and to avoid overloading landfills. Having access to hand tools, rakes, shovels and garden hoses is a wonderful aspect of a sunny garden location.





Enriching Soil with Mulch

Preparation of the soil is one of the first steps in starting a garden, and it is a great place for reusing supplies. One of the most helpful methods is to cover the garden plot with corrugated box material (also see How to Make Your Own Tote Box). By overlapping the edges, a gardener can completely block light that encourages weed growth. Mulching is beneficial when it is allowed to disintegrate and increase the nutrients in the soil.

Paper products allow water to seep through to wet the roots of plants. An underlying layer of cardboard that is topped with mulch is easy to cut when adding new plants. The value of using materials that reduce or eliminate the need for constant weeding is difficult to overestimate. Working in the garden is supposed to offer enjoyment as a gardener sees the plants grow and form small vegetables. The back breaking work of pulling weeds detracts from the pleasurable experience of tending the plants.






Using PVC for Stakes

Many home owners have access to pieces of PVC pipe that are left over from the installation of a sprinkling system or the repair of a water line. Reusing the pipe gives gardeners a way to provide support for vegetable plants that require it.

Tomatoes are unable to stand alone, and a vertical pipe in the ground provides a place to tie them with strips of cloth. An effective installation uses a short piece that can accept a longer piece with a smaller diameter. By bracing the smaller piece so that it cannot move, a gardener can erect a stake that can support the weight of the plant.

Yellow squash vines can climb a PVC pipe when they are started early in their development and properly tied to a stake. A major benefit of keeping the leaves off the ground is that rot is kept to a minimum, and it makes a garden look tidy. Each squash gets full exposure to the sun, and harvesting is easier than picking from a low lying plant.




Conserving and Reusing

Trips to the garden shop are unnecessary for gardeners who plan ahead for preparing a plot in the spring. Corrugated cardboard boxes are valuable for weed prevention, broken garden hoses are easy to repair and pieces of leftover fencing have a new life when used around a garden. Offering a way to save on expenses and to contribute to the health of the environment, conservation is a vitally important aspect of gardening.