Pros and Cons of Wooden Beds Compared to Others

The choices a home buyer makes to furnish a new home or apartment are among the most critical in the moving process. Furniture selection can be as simple or as a complex as the person making the decision. It is an exercise entirely dependent upon taste, and circumstance. Everything criterion is considered, including materials, manufacturer, style, color, and overall build quality. Perhaps the most critical piece of furniture involved in this process is the bed. Choosing the wrong bed can ruin the overall flow of the home, and negatively impact sleeping patterns. To first determine how to make these selections, it is important to understand the differences between common build materials. This article will focus on the pros and cons of wooden beds versus beds crafted from stainless steel and imitation woods.


The Pros of Wooden Beds

Beds that are constructed out of a quality wood are desired by many homeowners, both new and experienced. Wood possesses a time elegance that other materials simply cannot match. With that in mind, the first positive benefit of wood is the natural quality inherent to it. Wood is a naturally occurring material that, when refined and finished properly, can evoke feelings of warmth and harmony within the home. Wooden furniture has been used throughout history, and is a sign of class, prosperity, and elegance. Beds made from wood come with many options, as there are many different species of wood with which to craft beds and other furniture. Beds made from stainless steel are far more limited in range. While less durable than steel, genuine wood construction is far more durable than imitation wood, which uses thick particle board with wood veneer to achieve its look.



Cool Wooden Bed

Wooden bed can evoke feelings of warmth and harmony within the home




Wooden Bed For Kid

Wooden bed is a sign of class, prosperity, and elegance.



Pinkish Wooden Bed

Pinkish Wooden Bed





The Cons of Wooden Beds

Wood is a highly preferable material to construct a quality bed with. There are, however, some caveats to be aware of, depending on each individual’s circumstances. The most important is price. Beds made from high quality, natural woods are generally more expensive than their steel or imitation counterparts. Certain exotic species of wood, such as African Ebony, can raise the price even further. Wooden bedroom furniture made from natural wood (see Ethnicraft) is often considered heirloom quality, and is treasured within the home. Wooden beds also require more maintenance to keep their quality appearance. Wooden furniture is susceptible to termite infestation, and can scratch or splinter quite easily.


Termite wooden furniture



Before purchasing a quality wooden bed, or other wooden furniture, it is important to keeps these facts at the forefront of any decision making process. Choosing to buy wooden furniture from an informed standpoint makes it all the more valuable, and there is truly no substitute to the warm and inviting glow of oak in the home, for example. Wooden furniture is highly customizable, and carries with it a natural beauty that is unmatched by manmade materials. If the pros of owning a wooden bed outweigh the cons, buy wooden furniture online, and spend time enjoying the wide range of products available to perfect your home.