Preparing for a Pre-Nup Abroad – 6 Major Factors to Consider When Planning an Overseas Wedding Photoshoot


A pre-nuptial photoshoot serves as the last step before getting married. Ultimately, the photos will serve as a reminder for the to-be-weds of those few remaining days before they finally said their “I do’s.” Because of the lifelong purpose that pre-nup photos serve, many couples go out of their way to make sure their photoshoot produces nothing but the best results. These days, it’s a common practice among couples to fly out overseas just to have their photos taken in a magical, distant destination. If you’re one of these couples whose plan includes taking on an overseas wedding photography session, be sure to remember these 6 essentials to get nothing but the best out of your effort.1

  1. Hair and Makeup – The way you and your partner are groomed will have a huge impact on the photos you take. While it is possible to fly your trusted hair and makeup artist out to your destination with you, air fare for an extra person can be costly. For those who want to cut back on the costs, consider hiring a hair and makeup artist close to your photoshoot venue. If you trust yourself well enough to create photoshoot-worthy hair dos and makeup looks, you can pack your own styling and makeup tools and get it done DIY style.2
  2. Outfits – Unless you were planning to buy outfits when you arrive at your destination, it’s important that you pack as many clothes as you think you might need. Be sure to consider the theme for your wedding, and pack clothes that match, so you can flash your photos at your wedding reception.3
  3. Venue – The very reason why you decided to go overseas for a wedding shoot is because you want to showcase the beauty of a distant venue. When choosing your photoshoot location, consider all the major landmarks in your destination. Avoid generic gardens, parks, and buildings that don’t highlight that you’ve gone abroad.4
  4. Photographer – Just like your hair and makeup artist, you can opt to have your photographer fly out to your destination, or you can hire one on location. Of course, flying one out can be costly, but if you trust their skills and you have a preference for their photography style, it might work out best if you take them with you.5
  5. Accommodations – Whether you plan to fly back home in just a few hours, or if you plan to stay a while as a mini vacation, it’s important that you book accommodations at your destination. Remember, you will need a place to get dressed, made up, and groomed, and that will be the purpose of your hotel room for your shoot.6
  6. Back Up Plan – There’s never any guarantee that everything will run smoothly, so be sure to have a backup plan. If the weather starts to act up, have an indoor photoshoot venue at the ready. Be sure to discuss all specifics with your photographer so they can be on the same page regarding any potential changes.

An overseas photoshoot can be dreamy, magical, and surreal, but it’s also a lot of work. Be sure to remember these 6 considerations when planning your photoshoot abroad and take the best pictures to serve as a reminder of how your loving union all began.