Other Clever Uses for Peanut Foams

Peanut foams, not to be confused with polystyrene packing peanuts, are small, lightweight baffling pieces used for cushioning fragile objects in transit. Made with biodegradable materials, such as EVA foam or EPE foam, these packing materials are not only convenient to use but more cost efficient and environmentally friendly than similar types of packing materials. They are made from natural products like sorghum or corn starch and manufactured to remove edible components so as not to attract rodents or pests. Peanut foams are water soluble and non-toxic to humans and animals. They also do not carry electrostatic charges so they won’t cling to clothing or other surfaces.

As wonderful as peanut foams are, however, recycling them can be problematic. Due to their lightweight nature and difficulty keeping them clean among other recycled goods, some curbside recycling programs won’t accept peanut foams. They can also take up a lot of storage room in garages or utility closets. So if someone isn’t planning to save them for future use in packaging, what is to be done with them?

peanut Foam fun

Safe uses for peanut foams are plentiful indoors and out


Fortunately, there are many good uses for peanut foams besides using them in packaging. Unlike other packing peanuts, which are not biodegradable or easily broken down in landfills, peanut foams will not harm the environment and dissolve when exposed to water. As a result, safe uses for peanut foams are plentiful indoors and out. Here are just a few clever ideas that have been suggested by those who use peanut foams:


Uses for Peanut Foams Around the Home

Place on the end of pointed objects, such as awls or ice picks, before storing to prevent accidental injuries when picking them up.

Peanut Foam
Use as glue or adhesive applicators instead of brushes for small objects or tight spaces, then throw away after use. No cleanup necessary!
Add them to the bottom of a flower vase to anchor and raise the height of dried flowers arrangements (no water use intended).
Insert them into zippered beanbag chairs or pillow forms to replenish the loft.


peanut foam for chair

Use in craft and art projects to build lightweight structures or embellish designs.


Peanut Foam Craft



Uses for Peanut Foams Outside the House

Add them to soil in planters or pots to help drainage and make the containers easier to move.

Mix them in with compost piles.

Put them in sealed plastic bags for insulation in ice chests or coolers. Great for when going on a road trip, camping or having an outdoor picnic.


foam peanut


It’s clear that biodegradable peanut foams have many useful applications. Not only are they lightweight for use with packaging but they can be re-purposed for many uses inside and outside the home and are safe to use around people and pets. The versatility of peanut foams can’t be beat. For suggestions about where to find biodegradable EPE foam @ CLPG.com.my