Nail Care Tips: Start with Proper Maintenance

People who have great looking nails generally take the time to care for them by using products designed to nourish and add moisture to their nails. Nail care should be done before any nail polish is applied. Moisturizing the nails can also be done by visiting a professional nail salon. The cuticle needs special care to prevent it from becoming brittle. Brittle cuticles are more likely to tear, which can cause the person some degree of pain and also allow bacteria to enter underneath the skin.

When performing routine nail maintenance, the cuticle should be conditioned to keep it soft and an orange stick should be used to gently push it back toward the skin. Nails should also be trimmed and filed routinely to keep the edges from fraying. People who want long fingernails can use a sandpaper nail file to file the edges of their nails rather than cut them. When filing down the tips of nails, the file should always be brought across the tip in the same direction. It should not be used in a back and forth motion as this will actually create a jagged edge rather than a smooth one. A jagged edge is more likely to catch on something and tear.

When using nail care products to add strength or color to the nails, the nails should always be completely dry and free of dirt or debris first. Products such as those found in the Butter London line of cosmetics can be used to add a lustrous shine or beautiful color to both toe and finger nails. Products designed to help strengthen nails are usually applied as base coats because they cover the surface of the nail itself. Some nail colors include ingredients to strengthen the nails which eliminates the need to use a separate nail strengthener.

When looking for colored polish some of the best buy cosmetics are those made by well known companies. There are some features to look for on the label of the polish which will indicate how well the polish will perform. Products designed to dry fast, resist chipping and not fade, will be the best ones to purchase. The fast drying formula reduces the amount of time people need to sit around doing nothing because their nails have been freshly polished. A simple trick to getting the polish to dry and harden quickly is to stick the fingers into a bowl of ice cold water.

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