My Mother’s Need for an Epi Lasik Surgery

My mother will undergo an epi lasik surgery. She was diagnosed with bilateral astigmatism 15 years ago and was prescribed by her ophthalmologist to use eyeglasses or contact lenses. But recently, she complained of eye pain and unclear vision even with eyeglasses on. We went to the same doctor who gave her the initial diagnosis. She told us that my mother needs a vision correction surgery that is not performed locally. Being oriented with the medical field, I brought her to another eye physician to ask for a second opinion, and he said the same thing.

I got worried because my mother is already 55 years old, and I wonder if she can tolerate the said procedure. I had to do some research on the Internet to have a clear background on the invasiveness and success rates of the treatment. I have read testimonials of people who underwent epi lasik surgery, and they were convincing enough. My mother decided to go on with it. The eye surgery costs too much, but we asked help from my other siblings. Next month, we’ll be flying to Singapore for the procedure. I do hope and pray it’s going to be successful to put an end to my mother’s vision problem.

This is the different between the normal eye and astigmatic eye.


The astigmatic eye vision is shown as below