Maximizing On the Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Most web hosting Singapore companies and IT professionals are taking advantage of the cloud hosting infrastructure. Cloud hosting is the combination of cloud or internet based servers that are designed to accommodate a website. This method of hosting uses a multitude of servers to host one site for maximum stability and consistent up time. Cloud hosting is slowly becoming a popular commodity on the market due to their speed, storage space, reliability and cost effectiveness.

When a client hosts their website in a cloud based environment, the host can instantly update their memory, storage space and CPU speed to carry out any tasks that need to be immediately initiated on the customer’s web server. The speed and convenience of this hosting allows the web client lots of flexibility, especially if they aren’t technically savvy.

Most clients worry about system failures or power outages that will cause data loss. The cloud-based server reduces the risk of losing any data, because it is designed to instantly back up data quickly in emergency cases. The data will be securely allocated and stored in specific locations. This is typically not a characteristic that happens with traditional web hosting.

Because cloud hosting platforms are incredibly flexible, there is room for the client to customize their settings with the IT professional in a matter of minutes. Any updates that need to take place are automated, so that the hosting platform is always up to date and there is no room for harmful viruses or intrusions to disrupt the reliability of the service.

Most clients will be relieved to know that cloud based hosting offers high availability of their website on a very secure network. Cloud based networks are equipped with firewall and virtual local area network protection. If there is any failure threat on the cloud based network, the high availability feature will provide maintenance and frequent automatic updates on any hardware.

One of the best features offered with cloud hosting is the affordability. Most cloud based hosting is contingent upon the power that is utilized, thus making it a pay as you go payment structure. Most web clients find this extremely beneficial, because each website will vary in the amount of hosting resources, speed and bandwidth that it consumes. Cloud hosting is definitely changing the way that web hosts, web design companies as well as IT professionals are hosting and increasing the efficiency of their websites, blogs and other online entities in Singapore and the world over.

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Traditional business applications and platforms are too complicated and expensive. They need a data center, a complex software stack and a team of experts to run them.

This short video explains what Cloud Computing is and why it’s faster, lower cost and doesn’t eat up your valuable IT resources.