Key Vitamins to Best Hair Growth

Getting rich, luscious locks is a frustrating task for many men and women. Some have found that adding a special mix of vitamins to their daily diet can encourage growth and result in better looking hair. However, most medical research indicates that taking these vitamins only provide the best results when you are deficient in them. Still maintaining a diet rich in these essential nutrients may be a good addition to any hair treatment.


Vitamin B-12

Present in meat and dairy products, vitamin B-12 is one of the essential B Vitamins. These are used by the body to support metabolism and the central nervous system. B-12 is also one of the necessary vitamins for hair growth. Without it, growth slows down or even stops completely. If you are low in this vitamin, taking extra or eating more foods with it may help to speed up hair growth.




Biotin is another B Vitamin that is sometimes recommended as part of hair loss treatment in Singapore for men and women. A biotin deficiency includes symptoms of hair loss, rashes and tingling in the extremities. However, it is rare for healthy adults to become deficient in this vitamin found in whole grains, eggs, beans and bananas. Adding too much biotin can also be dangerous to your health. Consider keeping your intake under 1,000 mcg. daily.




Niacin is considered helpful for hair growth and supportive care of the scalp because it improves blood circulation. Often, part of the problem with hair loss is a lack of the necessary nutrients and oxygen reaching hair follicles. Niacin may help boost the amount of nutrients reaching these follicles by increasing blood flow. Like the other suggestions, this may work best when already deficient. This vitamin can also have toxic effects if too much is taken. You really only need about 17 mg. a day.



Vitamin D

Men suffering from hair loss may be interested to learn that Vitamin D may help to wake up dormant hair follicles and might even help the creation of new hair follicles. There is no guarantee that this vitamin can make hair grow from those new follicles, but it is an exciting prospect. Those using a medicated shampoo like Rogaine may also want to start taking Vitamin D in conjunction with their hair loss treatment in Singapore.


Vitamins are certainly important in hair growth. Those with certain vitamin deficiencies may even see thinning or slowing of growth. It is possible that supplementing these vitamins or adding foods containing them to your diet can support faster growth and improve the condition of hair.