Job Vacancies In Klang: The Road To Employment

Klang, officially known as the Royal Town of Klang, is home to one of the busiest ports worldwide. With an economic history built upon shipping, Klang is one of the places in Malaysia with an availability of jobs. Tons of Malaysians move to Klang in search of employment, but with the many options, many aren’t sure which job vacancies in Klang are suitable for them. If you’re one of them, check out this list of five industries growing in Klang where you can search for an ideal job for you.


  1. Retail

With more than ten shopping complexes and hypermarkets having multiple branches, the shopping and retail industry in Klang is a growing industry to gain suitable work experience. Big international brands like Under Armour and H&M are also looking for skilled workers in the positions of retail associates and store managers.

  1. Travel

Klang is home to many landmarks and attractions like the Istana Alam Shah, the royal residences of the Sultan of Selangor, and Klang’s Little India. As more and more local and foreign tourists come to Klang, companies are seeking customer care associates and managers to meet the rising demand of employees.

  1. Transportation and Logistics

Home to almost 100 shipping companies, the transportation and logistics industry in Klang is one of the biggest in the world. Port Klang has transformed into a regional hub for trade and logistics and more than 50% of Malaysia’s sea-horned shipping. Jobs in this industry include operations associates and account managers to handle the numerous clients.

  1. Manufacturing

Klang Valley is one of the more populated and urbanized districts in Klang and is a major force in manufacturing. The products vary from rubber (Klang is the biggest rubber producer in Malaysia) to palm oil among many other goods. Jobs in the manufacturing industry range from sales associates to engineers.

  1. Banking

Big local banks like RHB Banking Group and United Overseas Bank Bhd are opening more and more branches all over Klang to cater to the new population and businesses. The banking industry is looking for professionals and fresh graduates in positions like personal bankers and sales executive.


Klang is a prime city to move to. With numerous job openings in different industries, it’s a great place to gain working experience. When trying to land a job in Klang, don’t forget to search in one of these five fast growing industries.