Job Search in Singapore: Who, What and Where

A recruitment agency in Singapore can uncover job opportunities that a candidate might not know about. Oftentimes, an HR consultancy firm has connections and knowledge of positions that are not advertised publicly, so those candidates that are signed up for one of these executive firms has a better chance at a great Singapore career.

The global economy has gone through many changes in the past 8 years. Many businesses have had to tighten their belts and reduce their bottom line expenses, so companies are looking for talent that can hit the ground running. It is necessary to do more with less. Employee staff has gotten leaner in the past 8 years, so it is critical that a company make the right hiring decisions.

A wrong decision can cost thousands of dollars. When a company hires an employee, there are expenses that are incurred immediately. First, the new employee has to be trained, so during this period, productivity is slow. The new employee has to become familiar with the new company culture and the duties and responsibilities of their position. A company that uses a recruitment agency in Singapore or some other place in the world must pay a finder’s fee. Some people call it a referral fee.

Hiring a HR consultancy firm can be very cost effective. The firm will save the business time and money. Oftentimes, a recruitment agency in Singapore can find a candidate that is highly qualified for the position in a reasonable period of time. Executive firms keep a database of top talent, so they can match the candidate with the appropriate Singapore career. A recruiter within the company might not have the same connections or familiarity that a firm has.

Candidates that are looking for a Singapore career may shorten their time of finding the right job. A great HR consultancy firm can sometimes make a great match quickly. The firm sends the candidate’s resume over to the company, and the manager decides who they want to interview. If you are chosen for an interview, the rest is up to you. The market is competitive, so it is essential to sell an employer on why you are best suited for the position. It should be clear to the employer why you are the absolute best person for the job.

Employers have a large pool of qualified candidates to choose from in many cases, so currently; it is an employer’s market. Talent in some careers is more scarce. For instance, many employers are having trouble finding enough qualified computer technology specialists, engineers, and other highly skilled candidates. If you are a candidate with this skill set, the market is wide open to you. If you have a degree and education in a field that is in demand, you have a greater chance of getting hired with a great company that pays well and has great benefits.

Find the right executive search firm that will represent you well. Your career could very well depend on what company you hire.