I Want Wood Flooring in My Dream House

I have a thing for a wood floor. It must be because most of my wonderful childhood memories were made inside my grandparents’ house. The house that sits on top of a hill had wood flooring. It was one of those houses that were made with hard wood flooring. So whenever I go into a house that has wood flooring I get nostalgic. It’s like all the happy childhood memories coming back again. My grandparents are both gone now. The house was sold and was eventually torn down by the new owners.

The house my parents built did not have wood flooring; our flooring was marble. I don’t like them as much because they are cold to step on.

When I got married I told my wife that if we are going to build a house, I want to have wood flooring. It helped also that my wife’s stepfather is a flooring supplier so we could get a big discount on our future house’s flooring. My wife also likes wood flooring because she said it’s safer for our children. Wood is not as hard as concrete floors.

My wife also had a bad experience with concrete floors because when she was five years old she fell from the sofa and hit her head on the floor that she had to get five stitches. So concrete flooring is definitely out of the equation. Our future children are going to play on the wooden flooring that we are going to have installed.

Currently we are still saving for our dream house. We are still living in a tiny apartment until we can afford to buy a property where we can build our own dream house with wooden floors. It will be a house where our future children will grow. It will be our own private sanctuary.