How You Can Make Money From Fixed Deposit Investments in Malaysia

Fixed deposits are a certificate of deposit savings product that offers depositors higher interest rate accrual on an account for a scheduled period of time. Banking institutions generally require a minimum deposit according to certificate type.


Earnings on Certificate of Deposit Accounts

Maturation of fixed deposit accounts allows a depositor to cash out on principal and interest earned during the course of the agreement. Fixed deposit account holders also have the option of automatic renewal. Whether an investor makes the decision to allow a contract rollover tacitly, or to transfer the contract to another length of certificate or other asset normally depends on projected financial benefit relative to other products.


Interval Withdrawal Schedules

Length of contract tenure varies on fixed deposit accounts from 1 to 5 years, so it is important to assess short-term and longer term finance requirements prior to investment. Depending on banking institution, some fixed deposit agreements allow for disbursement of earned interest at intervals during the contract. The use of a certificate of deposit as a reliable source of income establishes the conditions for a depositor to withdrawal finance from the account without terminating agreement or being assigned penalties. Avoiding early withdrawals from a fund before the expiry date of the contract can, however, result in termination.


LLoyds Bank offers Partial Withdrawal Fixed Term Deposit

LLoyds Bank offers Partial Withdrawal Fixed Term Deposit


Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Annual percentage rate (APR) on interest varies between institutions and length of certificate. Fixed rate contracts obviously do not fluctuate for the entire duration of the agreement. The shorter the length of the contract term, the lower the interest rate will be. Longer contracts accrue higher interest rate value, making long-term deposit earnings a better deal.


Fixed Deposit Interest Rate Comparison @ iMoney

Fixed Deposit Interest Rate Comparison @ iMoney



Internet Banking Record

Internet banking offered by most depository institutions, enables investors to apply for a fixed term deposit online. Depositors have access to their certificate of deposit account, and other tools to schedule for withdrawals where permitted, and reinvestment features for the sum of the deposit once the contract has reached maturation.

Retain certificate of deposit statement for record. Tax incentives on fixed deposit accounts is one of the benefits of investing in a depository product. Review record of initial deposit for terms and conditions to early withdrawal and renewal at time of maturation

When seeking comparison of certificate of deposit products and current interest rates, review banking institution offerings for the most suitable terms and conditions to agreement. Investors can find out more on fixed deposits at IMONEY.MY.