How to Reduce Your Hair Loss Right Now

Hair loss is a condition that affects both men and women, and the cause can vary from heredity to disease or even poor hair care habits. Although losing hair due to genetics probably cannot be prevented, there some options that may help delay the process. The best way to maintain healthy hair is by providing your body with good nutrition and adequate rest. While the development of some treatments and products show a certain amount of success, using natural methods to reduce hair loss is safer and more effective in some cases.

Health experts always emphasize the importance of keeping the human body hydrated properly. Water helps flush out impurities, allowing the body to function at its full potential. Just as pure and fresh water helps the body function properly, so does a healthy diet. Processed and unhealthy junk foods should be avoided wherever possible. Fresh vegetables, fruits, natural grains and protein should be included in a healthy diet as much as possible.



Olive oil, coconut oil and the Omega 3 oils support healthy skin and hair, so these nutritious oils should also be included in the diet. Biotin is a natural supplement that supports keratin production, an important building block that helps rejuvenate skin and hair. The nutrient is available in supplement form at a reasonable cost, so ensuring it is included in a daily multi vitamin regime is recommended.





Harsh chemical treatments and heat-based styling appliances should be avoided as much as possible. Allowing the hair to dry naturally is ideal, but that is not always possible. Most people are in a hurry to shower, dry their hair and dress for work. Letting the hair relax and air dry at least one day each week helps it to recover from the stress of styling products and appliances. Most hair coloring products, bleaches and other chemicals can strip the natural oils and should be avoided.


The stress of a busy lifestyle can cause hair loss in some people. Even though stress cannot be entirely eliminated from the life of most, the negative effects it creates can be reduced by adequate rest. It is also important to regularly engage in activities that provide relaxation. Regular exercise is an effective way to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Not only is a lifestyle that focuses on fitness a great way to stay healthy, but serotonin is a calming hormone that is released through strenuous activity.



There are innumerable hair products available, but using organic products that do not contain harsh chemicals is the best choice. The primary function of a shampoo is to clean the hair and scalp, but it should rinse clean without leaving any residue. A gentle and effective conditioner without harmful ingredients will leave healthy hair shiny and manageable. Some people rinse their hair with vinegar diluted with water for a natural and brilliant shine.

Most people want hair that looks healthy and attractive, but others just want to prevent future hair loss. The natural approach to reducing hair loss can be very effective at keeping hair where it belongs.