How To Find Cheap Accommodation In Malaysia

If you are a person traveling to Malaysia for either fun, as a student, or on business, one of your biggest concerns is obviously going to be finding a place to stay. A budget conscious traveler is always on the lookout for the best deal they can possibly find in terms of accommodations. While of course there are always travel mainstays such as hotels and hostels, there is an option that many people might not be aware of. A homestay at a traditional village, or kampung, is a great way to get a taste of the real Malaysian experience at a cost that is significantly lower than more mainstream accommodations. Anyone going to Malaysia who is on the lookout for a great budget travel tip should definitely read this quick and informative guide for more on this fantastic experience.


Experience Authentic Malaysian Culture.

Malaysia Homestays can be the best way to experience the true culture and life of the country you are visiting. By staying with a warm and inviting rural family you can slow down the pace of your trip from the hectic and busy city life. These homestays mean that you are invited into the home of a real Malaysian family and can include challenging yet fun activities like cooking lessons, riverside fishing, and harvesting fruit. You can also learn about fun rural children’s games like flying kites and spinning tops. If you’re musically inclined there are even opportunities to encounter traditional Malaysian instruments and dances. You will leave these villages with a true connection to both the people and the land after fully immersing yourself in this culture.


Great Value For Great Accommodations.

The best part about staying in a real Malaysian family’s home is that this unforgettable experience comes at a much lower price than staying in a hotel or a hostel. While it is true that a homestay in a rustic village might not have the glamour of a luxury hotel, it is also true that the accommodations are very warm and comfortable and have the unique touch that most commercial lodgings just can’t provide. For a budget conscious and adventurous traveler, homestays can provide the ultimate balance of comfort, unique experience, and an honest feel for the true heart of Malaysia. When you look into booking one of these encounters you will see it is a low price for a priceless experience that you will never forget.