How to Choose From Different Types of Wooden Floors

Adding a wooden floor to your home creates both an inviting atmosphere and increases the value of your home at the same time. Learn the many types of wood flooring you can use in your home to suit your tastes and living preferences, so you can have a beautiful wood floor that you and your family will love.

If you want to be more on the rugged side, go with timber flooring, which creates a cabin feel to your living space. Make sure to locate a reputable hardwood flooring company to install your floor so it looks even and professional. While some flooring projects you can accomplish yourself, timber can be a bit tricky, so expect to have a professional do it right for you the first time.


Parquet flooring is another great option for redoing your floors. Parquet floors carry that natural wood look that many people desire, and is growing in popularity over the classic honey-colored wood floors. If you want a country-chic or upscale look to your new wood floors, parque flooring may be a wonderful option for you.

Hardwood flooring is the most popular, and likely least expensive form of wood flooring. This traditional approach to wooden floors allows you to update your home and finish the flooring off with a dark or light varnish to your preference. Hardwood floors are great for those just wanting a wooden floor without a lot of adornment, and they go great with any current home decor that is already in place.

Make sure that you have your wooden floor projects perform by a flooring company who can do the job successfully and in a moderate amount of time. This way, you can ensure that your wood floors turn out beautifully the first time. You can tackle these projects yourself, but allowing some professional intervention can save you a lot of money and make sure that your floors look gorgeous for years to come.

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