Hair Care Tips for African American Men


Men know that first impressions matter and try to look their best from head to toe. This is the best approach for making a good first impression. A smart-looking outfit and great-looking hair can leave a lasting impression, whether you are trying to impress on a job or present a complete look with that special person.





A neat and well-groomed look begins with a good-looking haircut. Many African-American men tend to go to African-American barbers because these barbers are not only familiar with clients who have African-American hair, but they usually have the same type of hair themselves.

Once a person finds the barber who understands his style and haircut, he may go to the same barber for years. Even if you have been going to the same barber for years and want to get a new haircut, you can communicate with your barber so that you get the new haircut you want.

Getting a new hairdo may involve visiting the barber anywhere from once a week to once a month. The frequency of the barber visits is determined by your hair strength.



The preferable hair care product for African-American hair is lightweight natural oils. Avoid petroleum-based hair care products. Products that contain high quantities of mineral oils and petroleum attract dirt to your hair and trap dust, instead of penetrating the hair with moisture and air.



Recommended hair care products for African-American hair include natural oils such as jojoba, rosemary and grape seed. Such products may be expensive in the short run, but you will find yourself using less of these products every day.


Shampoo and condition your hair regularly for a healthy and stronger hair.



Shampoo and condition your hair regularly. This may be daily or weekly. Frequent shampooing is recommended if you use heavy products or a lot of hair care products. Apply your product of choice after shampooing and conditioning. Wide toothcombs and natural boar brittle brushes are recommended for combing long and short Africa-American hair respectively.

Consider sleeping in wave caps to keep your hair neat and controlled. This is a good hair care practice for all types of hair lengths. The soft materials contained in wave caps make them ideal for African-American hair than cotton pillowcases. In addition, wave caps help your hair to retain moisture. (Have a look at Yun Nam Hair Care Review)


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Choose hairstyle that suit your lifestyle!



The type of hairstyle you choose should fit your lifestyle. A well-groomed Afro is suitable for active African-American men who do not want to spend a lot of time on grooming. This hairstyle is seen as appropriate for any work environment. The longer your hair, the more grooming it requires.