Get A Fresh Looking Face With Chemical Peels

If you feel like your skin needs to be rejuvenated than a chemical peel – introduced by Prive Clinic might be something that is perfect for you and your skin. There are many different types of peels that you can do, and the best thing is to choose one that is going to do the most and give your skin the most improvement. The peel is made up of a chemical solution that is applied directly on the skin and it is allowed to penetrate deep in the skin over a period of time. Different peels may be allowed to stay on the skin for varying amounts of time. The basics of the peel are that they will be destroying certain parts of the skin in a way that is exact so that the new younger fresh skin can come up and grow in its place. This is like an exfoliating procedure, because it uses different chemicals to get rid of all the dead skin.

There are three different types of peels that you can choose to apply to your face. The first type of peel is called the superficial peel. This is the peel that is the most mild on the skin. The second type is called a medium peel and this penetrates more deeply into the facial skin. The last peel that is available is called the deep peel this penetrates several different layers of facial skin and it causes what is considered to be a second-degree burn to those layers of skin. This type of peel can only be done directly to the face, and it is important to only use this if you have lighter skin tone, because it can cause a bleaching affect to dark pigmentation.



Before the peel it is important that you follow all the directions that are given to you by either your dermatologist or your skin care professional. They may tell you to do a lot of preparation by cleansing the face several different times a day and they may also tell you to wear sunscreen. When the peel is actually performed what generally happens is that the chemicals are prepared and they are left on the skin for a certain amount of time depending on which type of peel that you choose to use. Your professional may use something like water or another neutralizing agent to end the chemicals reaction. After the reaction of the chemical has been terminated then the peel is wiped off the face.

After the peel has been done to the face it is very important to follow the instructions and take very good care of the sensitive skin that is now exposed. There may be a special cleansing regiment that you need to follow and also special creams that need to be applied. If you would like to have skin that looks more youthful and more rejuvenated then it may be worth the time to look into the different peels that are available.