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5 Things to Consider When Shopping For Your Wedding Gown in Singapore

The gown is one of the important parts of a wedding. The bride will be the focus of attention, and she deserves to be beautiful and fabulous on her big day. However, shopping for the wedding gown is also one of the stressful parts of tying the knot. If you are looking for the perfect gown to wear on your wedding day, here are factors to help you make your purchase decision.

  1. Budget

It’s easy to fall in love with a gown you saw on display, but you will end up dismayed once you learn that it has the price tag that can break the bank. Set a budget for the wedding gown at least a year before. That depends on what you want on a gown. Would you rent? Or would you invest in a custom-made gown from a known designer? Visit a bridal shop in Singapore to check the prices, as well as the latest trend...

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Preparing for a Pre-Nup Abroad – 6 Major Factors to Consider When Planning an Overseas Wedding Photoshoot


A pre-nuptial photoshoot serves as the last step before getting married. Ultimately, the photos will serve as a reminder for the to-be-weds of those few remaining days before they finally said their “I do’s.” Because of the lifelong purpose that pre-nup photos serve, many couples go out of their way to make sure their photoshoot produces nothing but the best results. These days, it’s a common practice among couples to fly out overseas just to have their photos taken in a magical, distant destination. If you’re one of these couples whose plan includes taking on an overseas wedding photography session, be sure to remember these 6 essentials to get nothing but the best out of your effort.1

  1. Hair and Makeup – The way you and your partner are groomed will have a huge impact on the photo...
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