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Three Important Tips for Finding the Best Website Host Solution

For most digital marketers, the company website is the foundation for the entire business, making the choice of web hosting company a critical factor to success. When a business website is either down or loading slowly, frustrated current and potential customers may look elsewhere for a less annoying solution to their needs.
This guide is presented to the digital marketing community to help make sense of the bewildering number of hosting choices available, and to help you make the right choice for your particular business situation.

1. Make a List of Your Requirements Before You Start Shopping

What content management system (CMS) is your website based on? You need to make sure that your intended host can support your website platform, whether it’s Word Press, Joomla, or something el...

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5 Factors That Aid Your Server Colocation Efforts

If you want to be connected to the Internet and you happen to own a server, various companies can provide the connection for you. Colocation is the name for this type of service. This colocation option is often chosen by businesses that desire total control over the way that their server is configured. The difference between a dedicated server and one that is colocated is that the company that provides the web hosting owns the server in a dedicated environment.

There are a few important things you need to think about before you decide if you want to try colocation. The first thing you must carefully examine is the structure of the fees. Unlike servers that are dedicated, colocation requires both connection and rental fees to be paid...

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Cathodic Protection Rectifiers

Everyone has seen the large-scale results of metal corrosion. The formation of rust or the cracking and flaking caused by brittleness are visible results of corrosion that can ruin property and require costly replacements. These changes in metal result from its interaction with substances in the immediate environment. Though water and salt are the most obvious culprits, corrosion can also be caused by industrial reactants such as acids and chlorides.

On the molecular level, the mechanism of corrosion is the switching of electrons from atoms of one substance to those of another. Oxygen steals electrons from other substances very easily, forming oxides that often have very different properties from the original substance...

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Maximizing On the Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Most web hosting Singapore companies and IT professionals are taking advantage of the cloud hosting infrastructure. Cloud hosting is the combination of cloud or internet based servers that are designed to accommodate a website. This method of hosting uses a multitude of servers to host one site for maximum stability and consistent up time. Cloud hosting is slowly becoming a popular commodity on the market due to their speed, storage space, reliability and cost effectiveness.

When a client hosts their website in a cloud based environment, the host can instantly update their memory, storage space and CPU speed to carry out any tasks that need to be immediately initiated on the customer’s web server...

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Looking for the Best Website Hosting Services

Are you looking for the best website hosting provider in the internet that can guaranty your website uninterrupted or minimal downtime? If you want to make your business available in the internet for most of the most of the time, I suggest that you try the web hosting services provided by Exabytes. The company has been specializing in web hosting services since 2001 and is currently the leading provider for web hosting services in Malaysia since 2005. With over 600 servers operating in 121 countries, the company is now serving more than 50,000 individuals, corporations and other business enterprises. The company provides the latest developments in website hosting such as Cloud Hosting, reseller hosting, Easy.MY hosted E-commerce, SSL Web Certificat4 and a lot more...

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