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4 Ways to Reduce Hip Pain


People dealing with hip pain and the other orthopedic issues usually find a reduction in their pain levels when they choose to lose weight. When there is pressure on the spinal column, this pain can radiate to other areas of the body. Making sure to reduce all extra stress on the joints can help a person to maintain mobility and flexibility. The development of a commitment to flexible living is necessary for people who have sustained structural damage to their spinal column which affects their mobility.

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It is important for people with joint and bone health related issues to be committed to stretching regularly. The development of a strong stretching routine can help in individual to avoid muscular atrophy and other unpleasant side effects...

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Common Hip Problems and Tips to Ease Hip Pain


Human joints can withstand a lot of wear through the years, but injury and diseases can create havoc within the joint. Hip pain can be especially hard because of the mobility issues. Dislocation, fractures and strains can all affect the area. The hip is a ball-in-socket joint that is part of the pelvic bone.

Hip Dislocation

Usually caused by a traumatic injury, the ball, or head of the femur bone, is forced out of the hip bone, either forward or backward. The posterior dislocation is the more common of the two, often due to a knee hitting a dashboard during a collision, forcing the femur backwards.

Hip Dislocation

Hip Fracture

Treatment will depend if the break is within the socket or in the upper quarter of the femur...

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Shoulder Pain Diagnosis

One of the most common patient complaints that shows up in orthopedic doctor offices is shoulder pain. Pain occurring in the shoulder can be caused by a variety of reasons. The specific reason can be diagnosed and treated by orthopedic doctors such as the qualified specialists at Providence Orthopaedic.

Common Causes 
While the specific and individual causes of shoulder pain can vary, there are several common causes doctors see on a regular basis.

Shoulder Bursitis– bursitis is often diagnosed as the cause of pain in the shoulder. In cases of bursitis, certain combination of symptoms that cause inflammation in the shoulder joint is called impingement syndrome. Impingement syndrome happens when the bursa surrounding the shoulder tendons become inflamed and cause pain...

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