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Healthy Breakfasts In a Pinch Using Amazing Superfoods

As we become increasingly health conscious, we need to look for healthy foods and ways to incorporate them into our daily routines and meals. While there is no exact scientific definition for superfoods, these nutritionally dense foods are thought to contain great health benefits and are an excellent way to boost your breakfast in a tasty and powerful way. Here are a few easy and delicious ways to make sure your day gets off to a nutritious and healthy start.


Flaxseed is easy to add to a variety of foods, but for breakfast, oatmeal is a great base for this omega-rich, brain-boosting seed. Regular oatmeal does contain some gluten – a result of being grown in close proximity to wheat – but it is a small amount. And there are several brands of gluten-free oatmeal available...

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Benefits of Marigold Low Fat UHT Milk

It is no secret that milk is a good source of calcium and protein. Matter of fact, only two glasses of this refreshing drink provide all the necessary daily recommended amount of calcium.

However, did you know that it also provides other nutrients like vitamin B12, phosphorus, selenium and riboflavin (vitamin B2)? Also, when you drink Marigold Low Fat UHT Milk, you’ll know that your body will actually get the maximum benefits of these nutrients thanks to the unique BonePlus formula. How does that work? The addition of vitamins D and K improves calcium absorption.

How does all this translate to better health? You probably already know that calcium is good for teeth and bone strength...

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Best Types of Milk for Weight Watchers

When drinking typical milk, most people take in a lot of calories they do not need. While it is nice to have milk in a diet, you should watch your calories and intake of milk. However, while this is true, if you want the best results, you should know which ones to drink. With that being said, here is a short list of the best milk for weight watchers.

❤ Low fat: Above all else, most people first try to drink low-fat milk. With this, you can enjoy a delicious and healthy beverage with less sugar and fat than other versions such as whole milk. Since most people love to drink milk, this is a great move to make if you want to lose weight. Remember, when you buy low fat milk, you will still enjoy all the benefits of regular milk...

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How Is Organic Tea Different From Normal Tea

Tea is a delicious beverage. Tea has traditionally been consumed either hot or cold for centuries in many countries. People often enjoy a hot cup of tea to help warm them up on a ice cold day or a glass of refreshing iced tea to help cool them down when the outside temperatures rise.

When looking for tea to consume, buyers have many options. In general, tea can be divided into normal and organic tea. Normal tea is tea that is grown under ordinary circumstances and then harvested and sold all across the world according to highly varying standards. Normal tea is tea that can be purchased in many common food and beverage outlets including one’s local supermarket. 

Another type of tea is organic tea. Organic tea is tea that is made under specific and special circumstances...

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Does Oolong Tea Have Caffeine?

Regardless of color, all variety of true tea is made from an evergreen plant with leaves that contain caffeine. The quantity of caffeine present varies widely depending on several factors. Being fully fermented, black tea is often compared to unfermented green tea when contrasting caffeine content. But in truth, fermentation in tea does not increase the amount of caffeine found in tea, but actually slightly reduces total caffeine content.

Caffeine Content

There are no shortages of factors that help determine how much caffeine is present in any particular leaf. From the region it was grown to the condition of the field, caffeine content may vary wildly even season to season. Generally speaking, the younger the leaves are, the higher the caffeine content is...

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A Guide to the Worldwide Variety of Tea

Black, Oolong & Green Tea: 
These three varieties of tea are all derived from the same plant in different stages of oxidation. Camellia sinensis yields different kind of tea depending on the state it is in when it is harvested. Black tea originates from the most oxidized form, and this generates the dark coloration. This variety is the most popular tea in the Occident, and it is known for an intensely rich flavor. The leaves are subjected to a withering process that dries them for crushing. The compacted plant is then subjected to fermentation. This Oolong tea is quite similar, but the fermentation element is drastically minimized. This beverage style is immensely popular in China. It offers a vast diversity of flavors, ranging from sweet fruitiness to musky earthiness.

Green teas are ...

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