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Key Vitamins to Best Hair Growth

Getting rich, luscious locks is a frustrating task for many men and women. Some have found that adding a special mix of vitamins to their daily diet can encourage growth and result in better looking hair. However, most medical research indicates that taking these vitamins only provide the best results when you are deficient in them. Still maintaining a diet rich in these essential nutrients may be a good addition to any hair treatment.

Vitamin B-12

Present in meat and dairy products, vitamin B-12 is one of the essential B Vitamins. These are used by the body to support metabolism and the central nervous system. B-12 is also one of the necessary vitamins for hair growth. Without it, growth slows down or even stops completely...

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Yun Nam Hair Care – Look Great Without Breaking the Bank

Every year, millions of dollars are spent on makeups, facial scrubs and plastic surgeries. In a society where looks weigh so heavily, it is no surprise that most people do all they can to look as good as possible. While there is nothing wrong with putting your best foot forward, you don’t have to break the bank, and there are a few all-natural tips that can improve your appearance naturally and on a budget. (tips by Yun Nam Hair Care)


Apply honey on your face after removing any make up for shiny and beauty skin.


Honey can be purchased at the grocery store for just a few dollars, and its components can do wonders for your face. Once or twice per week, rub a tablespoon of honey into your hands to warm it up, and then apply to your face after removing any makeup...

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Yun Nam Hair Care Malaysia – Hair Care Tips for Teens

When it comes to hair care for teens, some of the tips they need to follow is going to be different than those an adult is going to follow. This is because a teen is more likely to produce more oil through the glands and pours in their head that can change the kind of products required to keep the hair healthy and shinning beautifully. Of course, due to the amount of oil found in the hair it makes it possible to over compensate for the problem as well. Due to this, there are some very specific tips (provide by Yun Nam Hair Care) teens need to follow to maintain beautiful hair.

For starters, it is still important to not shampoo every single day...

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Hair Care Tips for African American Men

Men know that first impressions matter and try to look their best from head to toe. This is the best approach for making a good first impression. A smart-looking outfit and great-looking hair can leave a lasting impression, whether you are trying to impress on a job or present a complete look with that special person.


A neat and well-groomed look begins with a good-looking haircut. Many African-American men tend to go to African-American barbers because these barbers are not only familiar with clients who have African-American hair, but they usually have the same type of hair themselves.

Once a person finds the barber who understands his style and haircut, he may go to the same barber for years...

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Side Effects of Hair Shaving

Shaving the hair from your body is a good way to get a smooth and sleek appearance that is sure to feel and look great wherever you may go. Whether you’re shaving for that summer at the beach or just want to look cleaner in a gorgeous dress, shaving is one of the oldest forms of hair removal in the world. Unfortunately, shaving the hair from your face or body has its disadvantages and this is why a lot of people are taking alternative routes when it comes to ridding themselves of unwanted body and facial hair that they think looks unsightly.

Downfalls with Hair Shaving

According to Common Myths and Side Effects of Shaving Hair for Women, one of the most obvious downfalls with shaving is that it is time-consuming...

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How to Reduce Your Hair Loss Right Now

Hair loss is a condition that affects both men and women, and the cause can vary from heredity to disease or even poor hair care habits. Although losing hair due to genetics probably cannot be prevented, there some options that may help delay the process. The best way to maintain healthy hair is by providing your body with good nutrition and adequate rest. While the development of some treatments and products show a certain amount of success, using natural methods to reduce hair loss is safer and more effective in some cases.

Health experts always emphasize the importance of keeping the human body hydrated properly. Water helps flush out impurities, allowing the body to function at its full potential. Just as pure and fresh water helps the body function properly, so does a healthy diet...

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