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Other Clever Uses for Peanut Foams

Peanut foams, not to be confused with polystyrene packing peanuts, are small, lightweight baffling pieces used for cushioning fragile objects in transit. Made with biodegradable materials, such as EVA foam or EPE foam, these packing materials are not only convenient to use but more cost efficient and environmentally friendly than similar types of packing materials. They are made from natural products like sorghum or corn starch and manufactured to remove edible components so as not to attract rodents or pests. Peanut foams are water soluble and non-toxic to humans and animals. They also do not carry electrostatic charges so they won’t cling to clothing or other surfaces.

As wonderful as peanut foams are, however, recycling them can be problematic...

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How to Pack Fragile Items for Transporting Safely with CLPG

The right packing material is essential when preparing items for shipping. The CLPG Company is dedicated to providing the right material for the job by manufacturing corrugated boxes, plastic corrugated sheets, boards, and other packing material. The company is environmentally conscience and is always striving to be socially responsible. They are known for their innovative solutions and quality products within the industry. Their goal is to provide great customer service by putting the customer’s needs first. This is accomplished by knowing what people need to pack and mail items safely. Finding the right material is easy by going to where businesses and individuals have access to all their packing needs at an affordable price. packaging materials site packaging materials site

There are...

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