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Be Christmas Party Ready – 10 Simple Steps To Include In Your Beauty Regime

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Prepping for a holiday party? Go on ahead and put your best foot forward! Put that two-step skincare routine to rest for the Christmas season and really give it your all so you look as dazzling as those holiday lights when you step onto the party scene. Take cues from this ten-step guide and find out how to achieve the perfect glow for all your scheduled festivities.

  1. Wipe It All Off – It doesn’t matter if you washed your face as best as possible – you should be sure to wipe off any accumulated oil and filth to help your makeup settle and stay pristine all through the day. Use makeup remover to clear out your skin to start the cleansing routine.
  1. Wash Thoroughly – Now that everything’s been wiped off, use the best facial cleanser to refresh your skin and prep it for the oth...
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The Right Skin Care for Hot and Humid Weather

Summer skincare is markedly different from winter skincare, no matter where you live. The heat and humidity will quickly turn your face into a greasy, sweaty mess if you’re not using the correct products. This guide offers a few tips on finding the right skin care products in Singapore for hot and humid weather.


Sunscreen is the most essential part of skincare, especially during the hot months. When it’s humid, look for a sunscreen that’s sweatproof or waterproof. Aim for a minimum of SPF 30, and be sure to use a full tablespoon on your face. Without proper sun protection, any further facial treatment will be wasted.

Be sure to use your sunscreen as the very last step of your morning routine to allow the rest of your products to sink into your skin.


Product Layering


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What is Botox?

Botox is a shorted form of Botolinum Toxin. It’s has been in use for the past half a decade specifically for medical purposes. The initial use of Botox was treating lazy eye. Since then, Botox was approved for use in reducing frown lines on the forehead and over 10 million patients have used it. Botox was approved for use in controlling excessive sweating and treatment of migraines in the last decade. Nowadays Botox is the talk of everyone in cosmetics. In blogs, magazines and advertisements Botox are used for temporarily smoothing glabella lines that make the user look old, tired, unhappy or angry.


How is Botox used?

Botox is gaining fame as the top nonsurgical procedure in the country. It’s recommended for people between the ages of 15 to 65 years...

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