Blade & Soul – A Close Look At Korea’s Hit MMORPG

If you’re an avid gamer and a fan of mixed martial arts, few MMORPGs can satisfy your craving for both like Blade & Soul can. The game combines the exciting platform of massively multiplayer online role playing games and the rich heritage of Chinese martial arts, all laid out in an immersive open world environment. But if you’re not used to MMORPG gameplay, Blade and Soul might be a bit too much for you to handle as a novice. Here’s a guide to getting started without acting like a total noob.
How the Game Works

First and foremost is your character. Players will need to create one in order to start their adventure online. Most of your time in-game will be spent battling monsters, navigating terrains, and completing quests. Although the game starts out in a Player-versus-Environment setting, you can later join Player-versus-Player mode where you test out your character against another human-controlled character.

Character customization is one of the key strengths of Blade & Soul. A highly customizable system offers players with the ability to stand out as much as they can from the rest of the community. They can customize their character’s hairstyle, facial features, eye and skin color, and even their body type. Players can only customize their character’s base appearance at the start of the game so make sure you set up your character precisely the way you want him/her to look.
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Available Races

There are four playable races in Blade and Soul, namely – Gon, Jin, Kun, and Lyn. Each race represents one of the Four Benevolent Animals, which are figures from Chinese mythology.

The Gon race are masters of physical combat, combining their massive frame and unequaled strength to vanquish enemies in their crosshairs. They are characterized by their short tempers, loyalty, and their calm demeanor.

If the Gon race is known for their behemoth physique, the Lyn race stands out from the rest of the races with their small size, large round ears, and elusive tail. They excel at evasion, heightened senses, and their ability to harness power from the elements.

The Yun are the all-female race of the fantasy world. They are adept fighters but, at the same time, are heavily attuned to nature and spirituality. The Yun race is also well-known for their natural talent in aesthetics, making them some of the best artisans in the world.

Last but not least is the Jin race, who somewhat looks ordinary but is actually very skilled in combat. They display incredible speed and strength that few can match. The Jin race are often very approachable and attuned with justice.

The available classes, such as Assassin, Blade Master, and Kung Fu Master, will be determined upon your chosen character race. For example, the Yun race can choose to become a Force Master, Blade Master, or Kung Fu Master but cannot become an Assassin by default.
The Verdict

Blade & Soul brings a refreshing take on MMORPGs by converging two exciting themes – ancient mixed martial arts and three-dimensional gameplay. It’s a highly recommended game for gamers of all experience levels.