Be Christmas Party Ready – 10 Simple Steps To Include In Your Beauty Regime

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Prepping for a holiday party? Go on ahead and put your best foot forward! Put that two-step skincare routine to rest for the Christmas season and really give it your all so you look as dazzling as those holiday lights when you step onto the party scene. Take cues from this ten-step guide and find out how to achieve the perfect glow for all your scheduled festivities.


  1. Wipe It All Off – It doesn’t matter if you washed your face as best as possible – you should be sure to wipe off any accumulated oil and filth to help your makeup settle and stay pristine all through the day. Use makeup remover to clear out your skin to start the cleansing routine.


  1. Wash Thoroughly – Now that everything’s been wiped off, use the best facial cleanser to refresh your skin and prep it for the other products lined up for the process. For best results, Clarins facial wash is known to make skin soft, clean, and smooth.


  1. Remove Dead Skin Cells – When all the dirt, excess oil, and grime is cleaned off of your face, it’s time to get rid of dead skin cells that cause skin to look dull and dark. Use an exfoliating scrub to clear out dead, rough skin to bring out a youthful and fair glow.


  1. Restore pH Balance – After removing everything that’s not supposed to be on your skin, you should restore the natural pH balance in prep for the next steps. Use an organic toner and rub generously across your face to help make your skin more absorbent.


  1. Nourish Deeply – Uncommon to a lot of skincare routines is the ampoule. This step of the procedure is the first one that focuses on nourishing skin with powerful nutrients and antioxidants that keep skin healthy and vibrant.


  1. Brighten Up– Skincare serums are applied on the skin and are left to be absorbed for the best results. Choose a serum with lots of Vitamin C and retinol to brighten skin and bring out a youthful glow.


  1. Let It Sink In – The secret to an effective skin care routine is allowing all the products to soak into the skin and work their magic by seeping deep into the cells. Use an organic sheet mask to cover your face and leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes to encourage maximum absorption.


  1. Even It Out – Still have those dark circles plaguing the skin around your eyes? No problem. Slather on some eye cream for dark circles and get yourself looking well rested and prepare for the upcoming festivities.


  1. Stay Moisturized – Dry skin is a serious issue during the holidays because of cold and harsh winds that blow in from colder countries. Steer clear of flakey, cracked, and stinging skin by applying moisturizer before you head out to your holiday party.

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  1. Cover and Protect – Heading out in the day time or planning to come home at the crack of dawn? Stay safe from the harsh effects of aggressive sunlight by covering up with some sunscreen to keep your skin looking extra clean and blemish-free for many weeks to come.


Ten steps might seem like a lot, but if it’s your skin’s health on the line, it’s more than worth it! Be sure to stay vibrant, radiant, and extra gorgeous this holiday season with a fool-proof skin care plan perfect for pre-party preparations. Follow this no-fail routine and watch those heads turn the moment you step in for some well-deserved holiday cheer.