Basic Skin Care Tips & Thoughts On Acne Solutions

Knowing how to care for your skin is the first solution to preventing and curing acne prone skin. This is the something that both males and females need to know. Of course, this means that one needs to wash their skin properly.

How should this be done? First, one should never use hot water on their skin, especially blemished skin. Hot water may feel good. However, it can damage the skin. Warm or lukewarm water is the best always the best choice.

Next, one should reach for cleansers that are made especially for sensitive skin. This means that they shouldn’t contain a lot of harsh ingredients, and they shouldn’t cause the skin to become too dry. Dry skin can be as bothersome as oily skin. You may conduct a skin diagnosis with Dr Chee Yew Wen.

One should also eliminate bad habits that they have that concerns the skin. This includes picking and poking at blemishes. Yes, a pimple can be annoying. It can even itch. If the itch is a real problem, consider using an anti-itch medication on the pimple in between your cleansing routines to provide comfort. One may even try to dull the pimple and reduce redness at the same time by applying an ice cube over the pimple.

If one has long hair, they may also want to try their best to keep their hair away from their face, as much as they can. This includes tying their hair up or braiding it during their bed time hours. Remember any oil that resides on the hair can rub off onto the face.

As for using any over the counter acne solutions, be sure to read the ingredients. Stick to the products you trust and the ingredients you trust. Consider using the products made for sensitive skin. You may also want to discuss which products are the best with your doctor or pharmacist. Get professional skin care solutions from Dr Chee Yew Wen.

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