A Guide to the Worldwide Variety of Tea

Black, Oolong & Green Tea: 
These three varieties of tea are all derived from the same plant in different stages of oxidation. Camellia sinensis yields different kind of tea depending on the state it is in when it is harvested. Black tea originates from the most oxidized form, and this generates the dark coloration. This variety is the most popular tea in the Occident, and it is known for an intensely rich flavor. The leaves are subjected to a withering process that dries them for crushing. The compacted plant is then subjected to fermentation. This Oolong tea is quite similar, but the fermentation element is drastically minimized. This beverage style is immensely popular in China. It offers a vast diversity of flavors, ranging from sweet fruitiness to musky earthiness.

Green teas are unique because they do not require fermentation during procurement. This beverage is often considered the original tea of the world. It is the primary drink of many cultures in Asia. It possesses copious naturally occurring compounds that induce healthy biological functions. This tea is a powerful detoxifying agent that can assist in purging harmful chemicals from the body. This drink provides a revitalizing crispness in its delicate flavor.




White Tea: 
In contrast, white tea is developed from the premature buds of the same plant. The tea is naturally ripened by sun exposure. The reduced oxidation creates a rustic yellow coloration that is accompanied by a delectable bitterness. It is a native beverage of island nations in the Eastern world, although its origins can be traced to a single province in China. This subtly aromatic beverage is especially popular in Thailand.




Jasmine Tea: 
When green tea is infused with jasmine blossoms, it blends into a complex brew. Incorporating jasmine into tea is a legendary Chinese tradition that was exclusively practiced by their ancient royalty. It is a vibrantly stimulating tea that is the most renowned beverage in Eastern culture. Jasmine tea is recognized by its full-bodied aroma.




Ice Lemon Tea: 
Iced tea is an American phenomenon that is derived from chilled black tea. It is commonly brewed with fruit infusions. Lemon is considered the perfect complement, and is one of the most marketed drinks in the country. Almost every American grocery outlet carries ice lemon tea.




Red Tea
Central African rooibos plants are being internationally exported to produce an unusually hydrating red tea. This thirst-quenching drink is just being introduced to the world, but the market looks promising.


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