A Beauty Guide to Eyeliner

Many women use eyeliner to make their eyes appear darker and more defined. People with small eyes like to use it to make their eyes pop, and people with close set eyes can use eyeliner to force the appearance of wider set eyes. Finally, many people think that eye liner can make them look older and more refined and dignified. Whatever your reason, there are a few rules that you should always follow when applying eye liner. For those who may be new to applying eyeliner, this article will serve as a guide for the application process. Read on to learn more.

The first thing to consider when it comes to eyeliner is what color you will use. Dark brown or black hair looks great with black eyeliner, and some people with lighter brown hair or blond hair can look good with black as well, but this is true most often for elegant or formal occasions. Sometimes black liner can look to severe for every day wear on those with blond or lighter brown hair. Dark brown or even medium brown or navy may be options for these individuals.





Now that you have your color choice, take an eyebrow pencil and draw a thin line on your upper line of lashes. Some people like to draw the line along the entire lash line, while other people like to focus on the outer corner. The choice is yours, and you can try both and see how they look on you. Now that you have a thick line, you will be going back with a liner brush or a smudge brush and smudging the eyeliner into the spaces between your lashes to create a softer line. To add liner to the bottom, start on the lower lash line, halfway across your eye and smudge the liner to the outer corner. Avoid liner on the inner corner of your lower lash line unless it is for a special affair.

If you have liquid liner, you will essentially be doing the same thing, however you need to have a very steady hand, as liquid liner can be quite messy. As a sidenote, if you are uneasy with liquid liner, try the liner pencil method, then go back and apply a thick line of liquid liner on top. This method is much easier.





Sakura Malaysia advised: Remember, there are a few safety rules when it comes to applying eyeliner as well. First of all, always wash your eyeliner brushes. You should be washing these and all of your makeup brushes at least once per week in a make up formula that includes a bacteria killing agent. Also, never get your makeup applicators too close to your actual eyes. This can cause irritation and even infection. Follow these rules, and your eyes will be bright and stunning with safely and professionally applied eyeliner.