7 Unique Uses for Botox You Probably Didn’t Know

While Botox is a term many people have heard before in their life, sometimes EXACTLY what this treatment is can leave a blurred line of confusion. Botulinum toxin (Botox) is a natural protein that has been purified to temporarily relax those facial muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles. Botox fillers are one of the most tested products in the medical and cosmetic field. Botox is the original dermal filler and because of this is the most well-known brand out there.


botox headache1. Botox will help with migraine headaches

One of the FDA doctors that approved the use of Botox states that it can be used to “prevent headaches in adult patients with chronic migraine (headaches)”. Several people who have used this treatment method for their headaches reported a significant decrease in the amount of headaches they endured.


2. Botox helps with bladder control

Botox is not just used in the field of dermal fillers. For those with an overactive bladder, Botox can be injected into the bladder. This helps the bladder increase in volume which reduces the urge to “go”. How perfect for moms who just can’t seem to ‘hold it in’ like they used to?!


Botox for bladder conditions

3. Botox helps with hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is the technical term for excessive sweating. This creates problems in social situations as well as an individual’s everyday life. Botox has been proven to help combat this problem for up to two years. It isn’t just for wrinkles anymore!


botox treatment for sweat

botox injections on palm


4. Botox helps arthritis pain

Some studies are showing that Botox does a wonderful job in alleviating shoulder, hip, and knee pain by blocking the body signals that cause muscles to contract. Imagine being able to walk up the stairs pain-free again all thanks to Botox fillers!


botox shoulder injection


5. Botox can assist with more pleasurable sex

There is a percentage of women who experience painful sexual intercourse for a number of reasons, such as pelvic floor and connective tissue irregularities. For that percentage of women, injecting Botox into the perineal area can aid in the relaxation of muscles in the pelvic floor – leading to much more pleasurable sexual ventures!


6. Botox can help eliminate allergies

Currently undergoing trial is a Botox gel that would be injected into the nasal cavity. This would allow the Botox to block nerve endings in the nasal passage, reduce inflammation, and help relieve seasonal allergy symptoms for up to three months.


7. Botox can help diminish the appearance of scars

Surgeons have been known to inject Botox before surgery for skin cancer lesions to prevent the skin from pulling apart at the incision site. Also, for those with acne scars, doctors have used Botox to prevent these scars or pock marks from growing in size.


botox injectionSee? Dermal fillers such as Botox have a wide variety of uses, not all of them simply for your face or neck. Having such a wide variety of benefits from a drug so widely tested, used, and backed-up by qualified doctors makes Botox something that most everyone could use. Always make sure to get your Botox injections (no matter what reason you’re receiving the injection) from a qualified healthcare professional. Do not attend Botox parties that are not performed by someone who has no issues showing their credentials. Don’t allow the extreme benefits outweigh your natural sense of caution and safety.