4 Nightmares in Customer Service Line and How You Can Overcome Them

Customer-ServiceCustomer service is probably one of the more challenging aspects of a business because customer reactions can really make or break your business. If you are planning to pursue a customer service job, you should not be fooled into thinking that it is in any way easy. In fact, the best customer service personnel build their skill through experience, and most of these experiences were difficult.

In the customer service industry, you come across all sorts of people, some of whom may be more fussy and demanding than others. The challenge if often how to diffuse the situation and come to a compromise where everyone is happy. If you’re in a customer service job, here are some situations you’ll most probably encounter.

We’ve also suggested some ways you can come through these situations unscathed:

angrycallerAngry Customers

Angry customers or clients are more common that you’d expect. Most people in customer service encounter them at one time or another in their career. More often than not, angry customers become like that over a misunderstanding, or a genuine mistake on your company’s part. Whether or not you or your company is at fault, you must never escalate the situation by being defensive. Instead, practice the H.E.A.R.D. technique, which stands for hear, empathize, apologize, resolve and diagnose. Basically it involves listening to your customers with sincerity and putting yourself in their shoes, while remaining humble and wanting to solve the issues they bring up.

0531-Customer-ServiceCustomers with Difficult Questions

Often, customers may ask complicated questions you are unclear about and get annoyed if you are unable to provide them a clear answer. Of course, as a customer service personnel, you may not be deeply familiar with all the technical aspects. Therefore the best way to handle this problem is by promising the customer to find out the answer and get back to them, and really make an effort to get back. Customers will definitely appreciate your effort, even if the answer you give them isn’t that satisfactory.

customer-servicesBacklog of Customer Issues

If you are being overwhelmed by problems from customers and can’t resolve all of them in the expected time frame, the trick is not to panic but to stay calm and communicate to your customers that the issue is still in the process of being resolved. You may not know this, but customers are more interested to know that their grouses have been heard, rather than immediately wanting a resolution. Communicating the delay will not make you or your company look weak. Instead, it assures the customer that something is being done, and that is better than silence on your part.

CustomerServiceCustomers That Want Something You Don’t Provide

In this line of work, there will be customers that want discounts, free gifts, extra services, product features and the like which you cannot provide. Some customers can really get demanding, and no one likes their requests to be turned down. In these cases, keep the situation lighthearted and positive, and try to explain to customer why you cannot fulfill their demands in the politest way possible.

No matter what level of experience you are in the customer service field, you will always find that similar problems crop up regularly, giving you the chance to hone your skills and improve yourself.